Definition of spadefish in US English:



  • A marine fish with an almost disk-shaped body. It lives in tropical inshore waters, where it often forms schools.

    Chaetodipterus and other genera, family Ephippidae: several species, including the western Atlantic C. faber

    • ‘By the time we reached the bottom the sharks had gone, but as we rounded a sharp corner we came upon a school of spadefish.’
    • ‘At Blind Man Rock, a shoal of Atlantic spadefish streams back and forth in the shallows.’
    • ‘A pair of spadefish and grey angelfish circled above the rays, waiting to pick up left-overs.’
    • ‘As well as seeing many barracuda, we encountered a shoal of Atlantic spadefish and angelfish.’
    • ‘Atlantic spadefish, for example, which average 3 to 4 pounds, are plentiful for now and are relatively good to eat.’