Definition of spacey in US English:


(also spacy)

adjectivespacier, spaciest

  • 1Out of touch with reality, as though high on drugs.

    ‘I remember babbling, high and spacey’
    • ‘There is something dreamy, even spacey, about Williams.’
    • ‘Then, the other day I was driving back to the office after taping my radio show, feeling a little tired and spacey but generally okay.’
    • ‘I offer to pick up things at the grocery store, or loan her the groceries she was too spacy to buy for herself.’
    • ‘It was rather disconcerting sitting with my eyes closed for so long and I started to feel really out of body and spacey.’
    • ‘I've had an insanely busy day here, and I was listening to the latest album but it was just making me kind of listless and spacy.’
    • ‘And do you know, I'm still a bit spacey, and can't think of anything to write.’
    • ‘I was already a little spacy and now this makes it worse.’
    • ‘My doctor gave me some pretty heavy-duty cough syrup and it helps but it makes me feel all woozy and spacy.’
    • ‘During my normal awake hours, I found myself feeling spacey sometimes.’
    • ‘For herself, she was disorganised, spacey, as she remembers it, and found it difficult remembering where her stuff was between the two houses.’
    1. 1.1 (of popular, especially electronic music) drifting and ethereal.
      ‘a spacey ballad’
      ‘spacey synths’
      • ‘Stripped of its heavy rock guitars in favour of spacey drums, bass, and synthesised horns, the song's vitriolic verses guide us between a chorus that sounds even more like a football terrace anthem than it did eight years ago.’
      • ‘The spacey grooves of the title track and the hushed melodies of the second single are pleasant enough, but simply don't resonate as strongly.’
      • ‘For better or worse, such earthly signposts work to ground the music's spacey ambience.’
      • ‘The fuzzed-out riffs and the spacey dreamy licks are marvelously played throughout the record.’
      • ‘It flows with an enviable ease, featuring slow, bass-heavy beats accompanied by spacey keyboard combinations and soulful, funky guitar chords.’
      • ‘The first song starts with a spacey, slow, swing groove on a bass and guitar ostinato and breaks into a medium swing feel with fairly static harmony.’
      • ‘The second track is more promising, bringing spacey keyboards and almost mumbled vocals to great, almost hypnotic effect.’
      • ‘What I have started tracking for the next record is more spacey and dissonant than I thought it was going to turn out.’
      • ‘It's a spacey, contemplative flavor that dovetails nicely with the album's title.’
      • ‘Their musical development is practically nonexistent - the group's spacey, synth-spiked brand of hypercharged guitar rock has remained basically unchanged for years.’
      • ‘Basically, it feels like any of their other albums, complete with covers and long spacey instrumentals, except with more songs you already know.’
      • ‘Covering the underrated early period of the band, the sounds are spacey, spacious and determinedly sprawling.’
      • ‘The CD is a combination of spacey sitar samples, keyboard textures, and funk grooves.’
      • ‘Edinburgh's psychedelic guitar-noir noiseniks deliver a diverse range of trippy sounds and spacey pop on this, their fourth longplayer.’
      • ‘It then simmers down into a spacy section featuring the gongs before the other instruments rejoin with a guiro for the climax.’
      • ‘The music became spacey and the vocals are like a child whispering cynical nothings in your ear.’
      • ‘Their spacey sound veers between warm vintage pop and cold electronic music.’
      • ‘It has a simple, hypnotic riff repeated over a wide-open, reverbed-out rhythm section, topped off by some woozy synth strings for a pleasingly spacey effect.’
      • ‘There are also some gentle and spacey atmospheric pieces to offset the raging, jazzy rock that predominates.’
      • ‘Here's another spacey, chill-out electronic album that features a DJ / producer and a sweet-sounding female vocalist.’