Definition of spacewalker in US English:



  • See spacewalk

    • ‘American experts believe that water vapor jetting from a cooling unit in the backpack of spacewalkers is strong enough to turn the entire two-hundred-ton space station out of alignment.’
    • ‘Once the material is in place the spacewalker will then use a simple brush to shape it to the desired fit.’
    • ‘From inside Columbus, Nancy Currie will operate the robotic arm on the end of which, poised on a foot platform, one of the spacewalkers will work most of the time.’
    • ‘As the spacewalkers returned to the airlock, those aboard the shuttle used Discovery's robotic arm to inspect a thermal blanket below the commander's window that was ripped during launch, most likely by debris.’
    • ‘During their three spacewalks they completed the installation of the laboratory, deployed communications equipment, installed a docking port and practiced techniques for rescuing an incapacitated spacewalker.’