Definition of spaceman in US English:



  • An astronaut.

    • ‘The would-be spaceman took his 37 ft-high Starchaser rocket to Stockport Grammar School to encourage youngsters to follow his lead and take up engineering.’
    • ‘The big deal for kids this year is to dress as spacemen.’
    • ‘Somehow it has come to pass that a world public can listen to real spacemen live on air.’
    • ‘The opening parade got under way with a colourful fancy dress parade with children dressed in all manner of outfits from fairies and spacemen to cartoon characters and spooky classics.’
    • ‘The spacemen, two Russians and one American, have now arrived safely in orbit following their 7:06 am lift off, and will orbit the planet for two days before reaching the ISS.’
    • ‘This new sophistication has given parachutes a wide range of roles - in descents to fight forest fires, as brakes for aircraft and racing cars, in sport and sky-diving, and for landing spacemen in the sea after their journeys through space.’
    • ‘The would-be spaceman has been ridiculed by the media, who branded his space ambitions as ‘suicidal’.’
    • ‘Space Adventure fills the third level where visitors can meet a life size animatronic spaceman, discover the galaxy and learn all about man's adventures in space.’
    • ‘The elegant sci-fi tale describes a spaceman who returns to Earth after 80 years having only aged 10 minutes.’
    • ‘It is thought that he was pretending to be a spaceman.’
    • ‘Africa's first spaceman, Mark Shuttleworth, was yesterday wished a good trip and decent weather by Deputy President Jacob Zuma, as the astronaut prepared to blast off next week.’
    • ‘Technologically speaking, it's the equivalent of going from cavemen to spacemen in a generation.’
    • ‘He remembered many times catching his son reading stories about futuristic spacemen battling hostile aliens.’
    • ‘With the weightlessness, diving is the closest thing on Earth to being a spaceman.’
    • ‘I remember a time as a child when I wanted to be a spaceman.’
    • ‘In addition to cleaning and tending to science projects, the joyriding spacemen spend time communicating with friends and family.’
    astronaut, cosmonaut, spacewoman, space traveller, space cadet
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