Definition of spacefarer in US English:



  • See spacefaring

    • ‘Chinese fighter pilot turned spacefarer Yang Liwei, a 38-year old from the northeastern part of the country, orbited the Earth several times.’
    • ‘Specialists said commercial space venture was long overdue and technically feasible, but warned the initial price may be too high to attract enough spacefarers.’
    • ‘As a rule, spacefarers would rather face an emergency in orbit than TV cameras, popping photoflashes and a barrage of questions in five or six languages from scores of reporters.’
    • ‘But until human spacefarers get more experience - through many trials and some more errors - they're still going to need lots of luck.’
    • ‘They may also provide new insights to ensure the health, safety and performance of International Space Station crewmembers and future spacefarers on extended missions.’