Definition of space telescope in US English:

space telescope


  • An astronomical telescope that operates in space by remote control, to avoid interference by the earth's atmosphere.

    • ‘The measurements were taken by the Spitzer Space Telescope's infrared spectrograph, which is one of three instruments on the orbiting space telescope.’
    • ‘A new space telescope might provide the answer.’
    • ‘The site offers movies and an excellent interactive 3 - D guide to show how the space telescope works.’
    • ‘Thanks to on-orbit service calls by the Space Shuttle astronauts, Hubble continues to be a state-of-the-art space telescope.’
    • ‘The book ends with a photograph from the Hubble space telescope of the Cone Nebula, presumably as a reminder that there is still mystery out there to be explored.’
    • ‘This will leave us with no large space telescope until 2011 at the earliest.’
    • ‘A glowing ring of dust, captured by Nasa's Hubble space telescope, is shown orbiting around the bright star, Fomalhaut, 25 light years from the sun.’
    • ‘For comparative historical analysis, this should be a revolution of the same magnitude as the Hubble space telescope was in astronomy.’
    • ‘NASA, due to new safety protocols for shuttle missions, will no longer upgrade or maintain the space telescope.’
    • ‘Thanks to new pictures from the Hubble space telescope and its newly installed camera we're actually able to see one galaxy actually devouring another.’
    • ‘The programme's claim that 3D and 4D scanning has been the equivalent for obstetricians of the Hubble space telescope is preposterous.’
    • ‘Nine years earlier, in 1990, the Hubble space telescope sprung into orbit.’
    • ‘This new space telescope at the forefront of modern astronomy will have a unifying focus on the period when the great majority of star and planet formation, heavy element production, black-hole growth and galaxy assembly took place.’
    • ‘We can marvel at the latest images beamed back to earth from the Hubble space telescope or a spacecraft orbiting Mars.’
    • ‘Recently, newspapers around the world published spectacular images taken by the Hubble space telescope.’
    • ‘Have you seen the pictures from the Hubble space telescope?’
    • ‘The Hubble space telescope has been in orbit for 15 years, during which time it has taken over 750,000 images of the universe.’
    • ‘The best images of this planet come from the Hubble space telescope.’
    • ‘During the mission, her crew studied exotic phenomena such as exploding stars, quasars and black holes using the Chandra X-ray Observatory, a large space telescope.’
    • ‘The Hubble space telescope, which can produce images of other solar systems, was launched from a US shuttle in 1990.’