Definition of space charge in US English:

space charge


  • A collection of particles with a net electric charge occupying a region, either in free space or in a device.

    • ‘The purpose of this course is to provide a comprehensive introduction to the physics of beams with intense space charge.’
    • ‘If it can be understood exactly how the surface and space charges are formed, and what influence they have on the insulation performance, significant design improvements might be possible.’
    • ‘Compare the space charge in wire chambers with the space charge region in a semiconductor detector, which is, in fact, the active region.’
    • ‘The physics of charged particle beams in which space charge plays an important role, such as electron beams for ion cooling, differs fundamentally from that of the more conventional emittance-dominated beams of circular machines.’
    • ‘The charge carriers would ordinary tend to diffuse away faster then the ions, thus creating a space charge.’