Definition of space bar in US English:

space bar


  • A long key on a typewriter or computer keyboard for making a space between words.

    • ‘The space bar on the left works well and typing is somewhere between thumb typing and proper typing.’
    • ‘After pressing the space bar, the scenario and the question disappeared and the following two response alternatives were immediately offered.’
    • ‘I have some sort of completely bizarre thumb infection on the thumb that hits the space bar, so I will be brief.’
    • ‘You should spend a few minutes using a laptop with a touch pad before you make up your mind, but if your thumbs tend to drift around below the space bar, you may find your mouse pointer bouncing around when you least expect it.’
    • ‘Sandra tapped the space bar a couple of times, wondering if perhaps her computer had simply gone crazy and opened some old, archived message in the hard drive.’
    • ‘There is no mouse at this point, so use the arrow keys, TAB and space bar to select and acknowledge the prompts.’
    • ‘Participants pressed the space bar of the keyboard to respond.’
    • ‘Rather than use ‘tabs’, why not press the space bar repeatedly?’
    • ‘The participant controlled presentation rate by pressing the space bar and the sentences were presented as running text.’
    • ‘How long can a space bar - which operates off a single, central point - hold up to a keyboarder who always hits it off-center, with the right thumb?’
    • ‘The touchpad operated very smoothly although I found the space between it and the space bar too small.’
    • ‘For instance, hitting the Return key causes the cursor to drop down one line and multiple spaces can be insert by hitting the space bar.’
    • ‘And while you're at it, work out how to use the space bar on your keyboard!’
    • ‘Each of you have the program already loaded on the computer, so all you have to do is hit the space bar and the simulator should load.’
    • ‘When ready, subjects were told to press the space bar twice to initiate experimental trials.’
    • ‘It is possible to skip this animation by a mere tap of the space bar.’
    • ‘Without an automatic-centering feature, we relied on the tab key and space bar to line it up.’
    • ‘The layout of the keyboard also does not disappoint, and I particularly liked the larger-sized delete key and space bar.’
    • ‘It occasionally crashes on start-up, especially if one is impatient to get to the game and uses the intro escape, the space bar, too eagerly.’
    • ‘Your little fingers go on the A and;, respectively, with your thumbs on the space bar.’


space bar

/ˈspās ˌbär//ˈspeɪs ˌbɑr/