Definition of Soxhlet in US English:



  • as modifier Denoting a form of condensing apparatus used for the continuous solvent extraction of a solid.

    • ‘Percent fat was determined by lipid extraction with diethyl ether for 16 h in a Soxhlet apparatus.’
    • ‘We dried aliquots at 90C to constant mass, extracted lipid from aliquots with petroleum ether using a Soxhlet apparatus for 24 h, and determined mineral content by combusting samples in a muffle furnace.’
    • ‘Lipid was extracted from the yolk using Soxhlet extraction with petroleum ether as a solvent.’
    • ‘Fat was extracted from the thorax and abdomen for 4 h with refluxing chloroform in a Soxhlet apparatus.’
    • ‘A sample of 100 g of leaf powder was extracted with 50% ethanol in a Soxhlet apparatus.’


Late 19th century: named after Franz Soxhlet (1848–1926), Belgian chemist.