Definition of sovereigntist in US English:



  • A person who supports Quebec's right to self-government or full independence.

    • ‘When did sovereigntists say they wanted to split apart the other nine provinces?’
    • ‘I perfectly accept that sovereigntists on all sides of the argument wish that we did not have the Treaty of Waitangi, because their argument would then prevail.’
    • ‘We are there to prepare sovereignty, and because one person out of two in Québec is a sovereigntist, and there is no taxation without representation, as they say.’
    • ‘Kashmiri sovereigntists have only the larger world community to appeal to in their quest for an independent Kashmir.’
    • ‘The sovereigntist / separatist Bloc Quebecois are the obvious candidate for hostile weakness.’
    • ‘Politics, sovereigntists claim, is the struggle for the right to govern, and hence for the right to control the state.’
    • ‘He practically apologizes for being a sovereigntist.’
    • ‘Federal Environment Minister Stephane Dion, a longtime nemesis of Quebec sovereigntists, added Monday that Parizeau's idea was deceptive as well as illegal.’
    • ‘I am a Canadian sovereigntist, and the same people who exploit the world exploit my country.’
    • ‘For sovereigntists, it is impossible not to recognize that Gill carrying the Canadian flag is the result of his inability to carry his own.’
    • ‘In 1995, sovereigntists won 49.4 percent for the Yes.’
    • ‘He was rejecting Republicans who were what the authors call "sovereigntists" - those suspicious of all foreign entanglements and international institution.’
    • ‘Many traditional leaders are unabashedly sovereigntists.’
    • ‘The question should not be how to resurrect Mr. Mulroney's devil's bargain with the sovereigntists.’
    • ‘The effects appear to be marginal in terms of a significant shift in public opinion, but such activities annoy the sovereigntists.’
    • ‘Federalists prefer to spend billions on red flags, while sovereigntists prefer efficient grammar.’
    • ‘Landry is now facing the most criticism and biggest challenge to his leadership from fellow sovereigntists since the PQ was turfed from power last year.’
    • ‘Asking for the Bloc vote, he said that by voting for the sovereigntists, Quebeckers risked voting for the same result.’
    • ‘Today we are the victims of an alliance of right wing nationalists and leftist sovereigntists who think that world revolution is approaching.’
    • ‘The "No" campaign has been vigorous, comprising a motley crew of aging Marxists, anti-globalisation protesters, traditional Eurosceptics, and obsessive " sovereigntists ".’