Definition of sovereign wealth fund in US English:

sovereign wealth fund

(also SWF)


  • A government-owned investment fund.

    • ‘We had a good conversation about investment and we talked about sovereign wealth funds and again explained we're open to investment, very open.’
    • ‘But one percent of the fund are sovereign wealth funds.’
    • ‘The U. S. economy benefits from foreign investment, including investment from sovereign wealth funds.’
    • ‘Certainly a Britain desperately in need of Chinese sovereign wealth funds will not object too aggressively.’
    • ‘Now, the major investors are things like hedge funds, pension funds, government organizations, central banks, sovereign wealth funds.’
    • ‘China also has huge sovereign wealth fund, with the goal of buying businesses.’
    • ‘These investors are expected to include not only Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, but also Middle East sovereign wealth funds.’
    • ‘The answer is not to shun sovereign wealth funds.’
    • ‘It did not share in the first round of bank recapitalisation, instead raising cripplingly expensive funds from Arab sovereign wealth funds.’
    • ‘The secretary telling a group of investors in Abu Dhabi that the United Arab of Emirates, that the U.S. will remain open to investment from sovereign wealth funds.’
    • ‘Citigroup and Merrill Lynch said to be courting foreign governments for cash, eager to tap into so-called sovereign wealth funds for much-needed capital.’
    • ‘Saudi Arabia and the conservative Arab monarchs have signalled their willingness to divert part of their sovereign wealth funds to shore up Pakistan.’
    • ‘There are other factors affecting the availability of the reserves at central banks and sovereign wealth funds.’
    • ‘The fund, a sovereign wealth fund fueled by revenues from Norway's offshore oil reserves, reportedly boosted its shareholdings in Lehman Brothers dramatically earlier this year.’
    • ‘India is yet to take a conscious view on setting up a sovereign wealth fund to manage the country's foreign exchange reserves.’
    • ‘He said he would raise his call for an overhaul before a senate committee which is inquiring into foreign investment by state-owned enterprises and sovereign wealth funds.’
    • ‘If sovereign wealth funds want to enter and keep capital-starved firms afloat in hopes of a big rebound, they should be allowed to do so.’
    • ‘Holders of dollars should diversify their own baskets before central banks and sovereign wealth funds ultimately do the same.’
    • ‘And it is major institutions like banks and hedge funds and pension funds and sovereign wealth funds, central banks, governments.’
    • ‘The Abu Dhabi Investment Council's sovereign wealth fund bought a 90 % stake in the landmark Chrysler Building.’