Definition of Southern Cone in US English:

Southern Cone


  • The region of South America comprising the countries of Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina, and Chile.

    • ‘Archbishop Gregory Venables, of the Southern Cone, warned that the 70-million - strong Anglican communion was now in imminent danger of schism.’
    • ‘As if Argentina's energy problems were not dire enough, its travails have spilled over to other segments of the Southern Cone.’
    • ‘In Latin America, there is a history of efforts to bring together economies in the Southern Cone, in the Andes, and in Central America.’
    • ‘The relationship with Chile, and the other Southern Cone countries, went into a deep freeze in the remaining months of Kissinger's term as Secretary of State - and under President Jimmy Carter as well.’
    • ‘This will bring three dramatic outcomes for Brazil and its neighbors in the Southern Cone.’
    • ‘Mexico was not a country that absorbed large numbers of immigrants, unlike the Southern Cone which absorbed hundreds of thousands of workers and refugees from Europe.’
    • ‘Hence, in all three countries of the Southern Cone, liberalization has coincided with greater inequality in income distribution.’
    • ‘In 1939, the US defence perimeter was extended to Brazil and northern South America but did not include the Southern Cone.’
    • ‘Central America will not even obtain the prominence within the hemisphere that other larger Latin American countries could achieve, especially those in the Southern Cone.’
    • ‘The two bright spots left in Latin America, Chile and Mexico, are still little affected by the crisis in the Southern Cone.’
    • ‘I found the map of the Southern Cone particularly striking, for it shows how limited Creole control was over vast extents of territory.’
    • ‘Washington, meanwhile, made it clear that he was not coming with any offers of new credits or any proposed solutions to the economic crisis that is gripping virtually all of the region's Southern Cone.’
    • ‘Uruguay is on the southeastern Atlantic coast of the Southern Cone of South America, bordering Argentina to the west and south and Brazil to the north.’
    • ‘The Southern Cone includes Chile and the common market countries of Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay.’


Southern Cone

/ˈsəðərn koʊn/