Definition of Southern Baptist in US English:

Southern Baptist


  • A member of a large convention of Baptist churches established in the US in 1845, typically having a fundamentalist and evangelistic approach to Christianity.

    • ‘From the beginning to end, the Baptist Faith and Message statement of Southern Baptists embraces the Baptist refusal to adopt any creedal formulation of faith.’
    • ‘Unlike the traditionally socially conservative version of Southern Baptists, self-described evangelicals sometimes drink, dance, smoke or even vote the liberal line.’
    • ‘Now the pope probably wouldn't like the answer that some of my fellow Southern Baptists would give, which would be for the pope to resign the papacy and join the First Baptist Church of Rome.’
    • ‘As it happens, I am a Southern Baptist, and we Baptists can extol the Scriptures with the best of them.’
    • ‘All of the women's colleges established by Southern Baptists were funded poorly and had difficulty surviving.’
    • ‘In other words, committed Southern Baptists have created the communal agencies necessary to live out their faith beyond the walls created by fear.’
    • ‘I am a Southern Baptist, not a Catholic, but if my church should ever choose to elevate the dogma of men above the teachings of the Bible, I will leave it without shedding a single tear or ever looking back.’
    • ‘I just heard that the Pope decided that Southern Baptists no longer receive the light of Christ after they refused to pray with Catholics.’
    • ‘He is an evangelical and perceived as closely associated to American Southern Baptists.’
    • ‘As a Southern Baptist, and minister of the same, the author chafed under the divorce of piety from aesthetics and the life of the mind.’
    • ‘Whereas there are many depictions of Southern Baptists or gospel-singing evangelicals, it is less common to learn on television of deeply held beliefs by African Americans of other faiths.’
    • ‘Odd as it may seem, Southern Baptists and Roman Catholics may have more in common than first meets the eye.’
    • ‘As a confessional people, Southern Baptists do not stand in neutral territory.’
    • ‘During the ‘cold war’ era in the 1950s, in convention after convention, Southern Baptists issued warnings against militarism.’
    • ‘His definitional distinctions on such matters as why the Southern Baptist conservatives are not fundamentalists and why Southern Baptists are not evangelicals will give some readers difficulty.’
    • ‘Most Americans are not Baptists, much less Southern Baptists, though it is a significant denomination.’
    • ‘The Southern Baptists have a convention every year, where they gather from around the country.’
    • ‘He was a Southern Baptist, and he was screaming and yelling and pounding.’
    • ‘He demonstrated with the increased financial giving records of Southern Baptists to home missions.’
    • ‘Catholic anti-abortion groups in the US do tend to be anti-death penalty; it's the Protestant groups, especially Southern Baptists, who are less consistent.’