Definition of southerly in English:


adverb & adjective

  • 1In a southward position or direction.

    as adjective ‘the most southerly of the Greek islands’
    as adverb ‘they made off southerly’
    • ‘Margaux is the most southerly, most isolated, and most extensive of the Médoc's communal appellations.’
    • ‘That would explain why boreal plants and animals persist this far south, in some cases isolated from their next most southerly homes.’
    • ‘Three stones lie outside the circle to the north-east, the most southerly with possible ring-marks.’
    • ‘The isolated tower perched on a rock near Ireland's most southerly point, Mizen Head, has many moods and a long interesting history.’
    • ‘As it was, they were having to tack back and forth to maintain the southerly direction.’
    • ‘We continue through the brush, ducking under low tree limbs and heading more or less in a southerly direction where the canyon should be.’
    • ‘The most southerly of the Windward Island chain of West Indian islands, Grenada is part of the English-speaking Caribbean.’
    • ‘You just don't know what it's going to do from one day to the next, so we left Mevagissey in the rain stopping off at the Lizard, the British mainland's most southerly point.’
    • ‘The most southerly of St Vincent's sister islands, Union Island is only three miles long by one mile wide, fringed with gorgeous bays, lagoons, and reefs with perfect sailing waters.’
    • ‘We kept heading in a southerly direction, following the convolutions of the shoreline.’
    • ‘He pointed along the top of the ridge, in a southerly direction.’
    • ‘He distanced himself from the conventional business model in the planet's most southerly and remote vineyard.’
    • ‘The objects slowed at one point, and then sped back up heading in a southerly direction.’
    • ‘One light then moved quickly in a northerly direction while the other three moved quickly in a southerly direction and out of sight.’
    • ‘Winds ahead of a cold front tend to be from a southerly direction while those behind the front - in the cooler air - tend to be northerly.’
    • ‘We must also remember that the potential damage to more southerly developing countries could include devastating flooding and desertification.’
    • ‘However he was called in the afternoon by his friends who said she had set off in a southerly direction.’
    • ‘The chunks were carried in a southerly direction and dropped from the glacier as the ice melted.’
    • ‘As we flew in a southerly direction down the airway from Phoenix, passing Marana, the twilight was fading in the western sky across the desert.’
    • ‘Because of our southerly position in the Caribbean, we in Trinidad have had to deal with an actual hurricane only on rare occasions.’
    1. 1.1 (of a wind) blowing from the south.
      as adjective ‘a southerly gale’
      as adverb ‘the wind had backed southerly’
      • ‘This has brought warm and humid southerly winds, while high above the UK the air is relatively cold.’
      • ‘A strong southerly wind is also predicted to blast into Wellington to increase the discomfort of players and spectators.’
      • ‘This pleases me immensely because I am able to cheat those southerly winds.’
      • ‘Small-stock, particularly the lambs and kids, are vulnerable to these types of near-frost conditions and the chill factor of a southwesterly or southerly breeze.’
      • ‘On Saturday morning we awake to strong southerly winds, thick low clouds and cold air.’
      • ‘A combination of one of the highest tides on record and the strong southerly winds left exposed coastal areas of County Down and the Ards Peninsula facing some of their worst flooding in years.’
      • ‘A southerly wind blew up which had me turning circles in an attempt to compensate for abrupt changes of direction.’
      • ‘She was driven ashore in yet another southerly gale, and broke her back the same night.’
      • ‘Warm fronts often form to the east of low pressure centers, where southerly winds push warm air northward.’
      • ‘The site is easy to dive in most conditions except when easterly or southerly gales prevail.’
      • ‘The strongest wind gust was measured last Sunday with a southerly wind blowing at 35 knots.’
      • ‘Four fishermen tragically lost their lives at night off the south coast of Connemara when their fishing trawler the St. Oliver from Rossaveal was broken up in strong southerly winds and rough seas.’
      • ‘As a result, regions to the east of a high-pressure center often have northerly winds bringing in relatively cold air while regions to the west have southerly winds bringing in relatively warm air.’
      • ‘Half an hour later, fed and watered, we left via the very quiet Mill Lane, the asphalt was sticky, a strong southerly wind blew into our faces and a large flock of rooks gyrated above the ash trees.’
      • ‘The wind was quite variable during the course of the day, with a 20 km easterly tailwind at the start, turning southerly and reducing as the day progressed.’
      • ‘Local anglers know the best day for good results is when a warm southerly or south westerly wind blows at speeds of about 10-15 miles per hour and with low cloud overhead.’
      • ‘One of the unusual things about this particular storm was that it was a southerly gale and not the usual westerly gales that tend to affect the south of Britain.’
      • ‘The heavy rain and strong southerly winds in the morning made things very difficult for everyone, but thankfully around 11 a.m. the rain had cleared and the sun shone even though the wind persisted.’
      • ‘Aided by southerly winds, adults migrate from southern areas and appear in Nebraska in July.’
      • ‘Strong southerly winds forced a number of retirements yesterday, with 18 boats out of the race and seven more seeking shelter along the Australian coast to see if conditions improved.’
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often southerlies
  • A wind blowing from the south.

    • ‘Then grouse lifted, to be swept away by a strong southerly.’
    • ‘Most likely at this time of year is a southerly in which case the competition will be at Suffolk Park near Gaggin Park.’
    • ‘I'd rather have the sea breezes, which is what we do get, we get a nice southerly.’
    • ‘Their responsibilities were lightened somewhat by the perfect conditions prevailing, with clear skies, slight seas and a moderate 10-knot southerly.’
    • ‘Only from October to March is it possible, thanks to gentler southerlies, to sail northwards and then only as far as Jiddah, on the Arabian coast.’
    • ‘Of course, the excitement is dependent upon the wind and lately it has been shifting between the customary north-easterlies and southerlies.’
    • ‘Every waking moment was occupied with sea lore, boat handling, safety at sea, sailing theory and hands-on experience in the light-to-moderate southerlies which prevailed during the week.’
    • ‘A southerly on Sunday gave the opportunity for a longer north lake course.’
    • ‘If you were to ask me, I'd probably label it a nor'wester, and if pressed, suggest that there might be a southerly on the way.’
    • ‘The weather forecast says cold southerlies, showers and icy temperatures will continue in the South Island for most of the week.’
    • ‘The small craft, with some 60 people on board, really ‘rocked and rolled’ on the way across into the slight swell of a light southerly.’
    • ‘Perhaps even more outstanding - because of the timing - were the snowfalls of 19 November 1992: virtually on the eve of summer, strong southerlies brought snow to many southern wheatbelt areas.’
    • ‘Last weekend saw good weather until about mid-day Sunday, when the southerlies set in once more.’
    • ‘Once the fleet had cleared Cyprus well to the west and out of sight of the island, they heaved into the prevailing southerlies and raced to the coast of Africa.’
    • ‘However, with global warming the high pressure systems are stronger and southerlies find it harder and harder to penetrate over the South Island.’
    • ‘The three races held on Day One were sailed in a strengthening southerly, with a big sea causing many capsizes and a lot of aching bones.’
    • ‘The building certainly felt warmer after spending 20 mins on the side of the road in the southerly.’
    • ‘But after a week of glorious weather, in which this sort of sunset action was de rigueur, a nasty southerly blew in on Sunday, scarpering plans the family had had for a big walk in the Tararuas.’
    • ‘The conditions were as perfect as only Mother Nature can make them: moderate, steady southerlies reaching about 15-knots by mid-afternoon, warm water and a most pleasant - if a little hot - ambient temperature.’