Definition of southeastward in US English:


(also southeastwards)


  • Toward the southeast.

    ‘he walked southeastward from the river’
    • ‘During the 12th and 11th centuries BCE, Thracians settled not only on the peninsular mainland and the Mediterranean islands, but also moved south-eastwards into Asia Minor.’
    • ‘Tropical cyclone ‘Bobby’ carried copious amounts of rainfall south-eastwards across the desert areas of Western Australia in February 1995.’
    • ‘The 74-year-old space is open again after a two-year-long project to move it south-eastwards by 66 metres and to completely redecorate it.’
    • ‘Descend south-eastwards, down the steep heather slopes, taking a route on the western side of the burn.’
    • ‘The British had subjugated large parts of India, bringing, it was thought, some forty million people under their rule, and the Russians were pushing south-eastwards overland into Central Asia.’
    • ‘It has been suggested that a central authority should construct huge reservoirs on the Ganga and Brahmaputra and link these two mighty rivers with canals, thereby diverting surplus waters south-eastwards into the Mahanadi.’
    • ‘Turning south-eastward, we dived at High Rock the following day before crossing back into Thai waters and retracing our route to Phuket via Richelieu Rock and the Similan Islands.’
    • ‘The tendency for approaching cold fronts to approach the Cape and then be steered somewhat south-eastward will persist therefore.’
    • ‘A two-storey semi-circular arc of accommodation embraces a green public space which looks south-eastwards over the river to the endless landscape.’
    • ‘The River Tigris rises in Turkey and flows south-eastwards for 1200 miles, before merging with the Euphrates and eventually flowing into the Persian Gulf.’
    • ‘On 19th January 1991, crude oil from five bombed oil tankers moored off the Mina Al-Ahmadi oil terminal and nearby oil pipelines in Kuwait produced a slick extending south-eastwards over 1,500 km².’
    • ‘Already a blob of warmer Pacific water has started extending south-eastward towards the South American coast and it is this water that is expected to reach Ecuador by the end of the year.’
    • ‘Over the centuries, the topography altered as the lagoon slowly migrated south-eastwards.’


  • Situated in, directed toward, or facing the southeast.

    • ‘Palaeocurrents in these formations are again variable, with a northward and south-eastward component.’