Definition of southeasterly in English:


adverb & adjective

  • [as adjective] ‘southeasterly winds’
    another term for southeast
    [as adverb] ‘the route turns southeasterly’


  • another term for southeaster
    • ‘The winds will be a light south-westerly turning light south-easterly in the afternoon, which all bodes well for a good day's surfing.’
    • ‘A light south-easterly was forecast for the Sunday's Royal Windermere Yacht Club Flying Fifteen race in the Spring Series.’
    • ‘Throughout that Cape summer, as the prevailing south-easterlies blew long and warm from the Indian Ocean, they enjoyed a sybaritic life.’
    • ‘Roaring south-easterlies of 35 knots and mountainous swells of about six metres during the 24 hours since Wednesday were hammering the yachts.’
    • ‘The worst heat had gone from the sun and a south-easterly had picked up.’
    • ‘These airstreams then turn northwards to the north of the Equator and meet the southern hemisphere south-easterlies in a trough zone south of the Equator.’
    • ‘A fickle, south to south-easterly created problems in setting a common course for the two mass starts for dinghies and keel boats.’