Definition of souslik in US English:


(also suslik)


  • A short-tailed ground squirrel native to Eurasia and the Arctic.

    Genus Spermophilus, family Sciuridae: several species, in particular the European souslik (S. citellus)

    • ‘The original steppe was host to a myriad of species, including many small mammals such as susliks, pikas and voles, that are staple prey for sakers.’
    • ‘The protected species are sand boa, European souslik, and a local endemic mouse’
    • ‘Three other animals currently undergoing intense reintegration efforts at Prague Zoo are the barn owl, the souslik and the European bison.’
    • ‘European sousliks bring food into the lodge for consumption, and they provide food for the young.’
    • ‘Even unique mammals such as sousliks, saiga antelope, and Asiatic cheetah may survive in the remote reaches of these mountains and valleys.’


Late 18th century: from Russian.