Definition of souse in US English:



[with object]
  • Soak in or drench with liquid.

    ‘souse the quilts in warm suds until thoroughly clean’
    • ‘Shredded carrots are soused in soy sauce and mixed with sesame seeds, coriander and arame, a Japanese algae seaweed product.’
    • ‘My savarin with rum and muscatel tasted like a stale doughnut soused in wine.’
    • ‘Choppy waves soused the seaweed which clung to the rocks.’
    drench, soak, steep, douse, saturate, plunge, immerse, dip, submerge, sink, dunk
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  • 1Liquid, typically salted, used for pickling.

    1. 1.1West Indian, North American Pickled food, especially a pig's head.
      • ‘I ate pigfoot souse, which I hadn't in a couple years.’
      • ‘Special occasions often call for pudding and souse, the first a spicy mashed sweet potato encased in pigs belly, and boiled pig's head served with a ‘pickle’ of onions, hot and sweet peppers, cucumbers, and lime.’
      • ‘Another popular Barbadian dish is pudding and souse, traditionally a special Saturday meal.’
      • ‘Other popular dishes are dumpling and pig-tail or cow-heel soup, souse, and chicken stew.’
      • ‘She includes many Caribbean specialities, like souse, and ackee and saltfish, and the glowing photography makes even something as plain as yam in butter sauce look like a long-awaited feast.’
  • 2informal A drunkard.

    • ‘The guy at the bar was a souse, a wino.’
    • ‘Of what value dignity, if you're already a drunken souse and there's nothing else to lose?’
    • ‘His most famous souse, Sir John Falstaff, is a bloated, devious, clown.’
    • ‘Crew cut lads fresh from college would put aside their childish experimentations with wine and beer, join a respectable company, and start the business of learning how to belt hard liquor from the seasoned souses at work.’
    • ‘And the next night you have to be at an endless reception dinner, listening to too many toasts by too many souses.’
    • ‘You think I've become an old souse, don't you?’
    drinker, serious drinker, hard drinker, problem drinker, alcoholic
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    1. 2.1dated A drinking bout.
      drinking bout, binge
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Late Middle English (as a noun denoting pickled meat): from Old French sous ‘pickle’, of Germanic origin; related to salt.