Definition of sourpuss in English:



  • A bad-tempered or habitually sullen person.

    • ‘And as you can well imagine, there are some sourpusses in your organization that will be actively resistant, so keep a smile on your face.’
    • ‘But since it's all in good fun only a sourpuss could fail to laugh.’
    • ‘I realize I'm going to sound like a sourpuss when I say this, but I didn't find one instance when I laughed out loud.’
    • ‘The reaction of your other half, however, is that of a sourpuss.’
    • ‘Political parties in Canada are truly democratic organizations and don't deserve the cheap shots they constantly take from the media and from politically cynical sourpusses.’
    • ‘Current conditions are not nearly as bad as some sourpusses would have us believe.’
    • ‘This might very well be the most complimentary set of remarks ever made by this renowned sourpuss about his native land.’
    • ‘But I am not sure if being a sourpuss is enough reason to fire somebody.’
    • ‘Consequently I now have a reputation as a sourpuss and a grouch.’
    • ‘The elder must be respectable - not a sourpuss or a stuffed shirt - but a man who has gained respect.’
    • ‘And I can imagine readers growing weary of Gogol, who's too much of a sourpuss.’
    • ‘No one cares for a sourpuss, regardless of his or her other attributes.’
    • ‘So why is this sourpuss even bothering to attend the party?’
    • ‘In any case, I don't think that Ms. Rice is a sourpuss.’
    • ‘And unfortunately, throughout the '90s, he was a sourpuss about the economy, so his dour warnings are not to be taken, I think, with too much seriousness.’
    • ‘If Thomas has a reputation for being a sourpuss, those who have been around him for most of his career insist that reputation is unwarranted anyway.’
    • ‘The sourpuss told Cory that he should keep me away from the customers, because I obviously didn't know what I was doing.’
    • ‘I'm a cross old sourpuss who prefers thinking deep thoughts about Plato and why it always rains when I haven't got my jacket, to engaging in friendly exchanges.’
    • ‘No-one likes a prima donna or a sourpuss… no matter what work you're given to do, no matter how wet or cold you get on location or how many coffees you have to fetch, smile.’
    • ‘It's far more entertaining and funny than the sourpusses want you to think.’
    misery, mope, dog in the manger, damper, dampener, spoilsport, pessimist, prophet of doom
    shrew, curmudgeon, discontent, complainer, grumbler, moaner, fault-finder, carper
    crosspatch, grouch, grump, virago, grouser, whinger, wet blanket, party pooper, doom merchant
    jade, melancholiac
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1930s (originally US): from sour + puss.