Definition of source rock in US English:

source rock


  • 1A rock from which later sediments are derived or in which a particular mineral originates.

    • ‘The geometry or shape of individual grains appears to be a property inherited from the original crystals of the silicate minerals in the source rock.’
    • ‘Because the quartzitic gravels and progenitor source rock are notably heterogeneous, the resultant fulgurite glass likewise is demonstrably variable, as seen by the range of colors, textures, and swirled banding.’
    • ‘The ultimate source rocks supplying both the metals and sulphur of these mineralizations remain speculative, because they are not exposed on the surface.’
    • ‘It has been suggested that fluvial and lacustrine source rocks were locally deposited in grabens created along the transtensional edges of these rotating microcontinental blocks.’
    • ‘Comparisons with the potential source rocks of these sediments suggest little alteration during sediment transport and diagenesis.’
    1. 1.1 A sediment containing sufficient organic matter to be a future source of hydrocarbons.
      • ‘This work found strong evidence for the existence of potential source rocks and reservoirs of oil and gas in Yukon Flats.’
      • ‘The lower limit of intermediate-burial diagenetic settings, and thereby the upper limit of deep-burial diagenetic settings, is defined as the top of the liquid oil window in hydrocarbon source rocks.’
      • ‘However, permeability barriers may also inhibit the migration of oil and gas from the source rock to the hydrocarbon reservoir.’
      • ‘The Ara Group has a high hydrocarbon potential and contains carbonate reservoirs, organic-rich carbonate and shale source rocks and evaporite seals.’