Definition of sour mash in US English:

sour mash


  • 1A mash used in distilling certain malt whiskeys.

    1. 1.1 Whiskey distilled using sour mash.
      • ‘Whiskey, particularly bourbon and sour mash, is a versatile spirit to cook with, and many restaurants now feature permanent menu items made with bourbon.’
      • ‘Straight, blended, bourbon, rye or sour mash, people are drinking whiskey neat, in highballs and cocktails.’
      • ‘I move through the odor of sour mash and body odor, back up the hill towards my campsite.’
      • ‘Most American straight whiskies are sour mash.’
      • ‘Parker was a whiskey drinker, preferring sour mash to scotch, and preferred the quart to the shot.’