Definition of sour grapes in US English:

sour grapes


  • Used to refer to an attitude in which someone adopts a negative attitude to something because they cannot have it themselves.

    ‘government officials dismissed many of the complaints as sour grapes’
    • ‘Let's keep the sour grapes to a minimum and recognise that perhaps this was a relationship which was getting too comfortable and that some of us were ready for a change anyway.’
    • ‘As you have always known, Canadians are sophisticated enough politically to see through the sour grapes of criticism.’
    • ‘The ones who are honest have had to watch the cheats claiming medals and any complaint is made to look like sour grapes.’
    • ‘The rest of her scathing remarks are mostly sour grapes.’
    • ‘The reality is she's articulate and she's composed, and apparently some people tonight have sour grapes.’
    • ‘The views of the objectors are obviously tinged with disappointment but should not be dismissed as sour grapes.’
    • ‘Can anyone really believe that review is anything but sour grapes?’
    • ‘However those behind the enterprise insist that it's just a case of sour grapes.’
    • ‘But for me to go on about it would be to criticise the referee, and it might sound like sour grapes.’
    • ‘There were no regrets, no complaints, not even a whiff of sour grapes.’


sour grapes

/ˌsour ˈɡrāps//ˌsaʊr ˈɡreɪps/