Definition of soupspoon in US English:


(also soup spoon)


  • A large spoon with a round bowl, used for eating soup.

    • ‘Mention must be made of the fact that a correct butter knife is supplied, as well as excellent (almost dribble proof) soup spoons.’
    • ‘They also use the same chopsticks/spoon for all of the meal, which saves on washing up, but it's not very appetizing when you've got to eat a fruit yoghurt with the your fish soup spoon.’
    • ‘The fish were sent out with heated plates and a new set of cutlery: a knife and three-pronged fork to replace the soup spoons.’
    • ‘Using a large soup spoon, form six potato dumplings, coat each with breadcrumbs, and set aside on a parchment-lined sheet pan.’
    • ‘Some of the noodles fell from the Chinese soup spoon and onto the table.’
    • ‘The table is set with chopsticks, bowls, soup spoons, soy sauce, vinegar, and condiments.’
    • ‘The noodles are presented in large stone bowls, and the soup spoons are wooden ladles.’
    • ‘Some carrots and onion are also thrown in during the steaming with the white wine and as you get near the bottom of the steamer dish you see the reason for the supplied soup spoon.’
    • ‘My soup spoon was halfway to my mouth when my dad said the word ‘divorce’.’
    • ‘Our piscivorous friends lapped them up, although we did manage to pilfer a few, and we took turns at dipping bread into the aromatic broth before diving in with a soup spoon to savour every last drop.’
    • ‘One can play metal teaspoons, tablespoons, soup spoons, and wooden spoons.’
    • ‘If you've ever bought a motorized soup spoon or a self-cleaning bowling ball, you know that some things just weren't meant to be complicated.’
    • ‘Using a sharp paring knife and a soup spoon, remove the seeds in the center and discard.’
    • ‘An ice cream scoop or strong soup spoon works well to scoop out the flesh.’
    • ‘To finish the dish, using two soup spoons, form 12 quenelles with the reserved mushrooms and set aside.’
    • ‘Once we were seated, our waitress brought us amuse-bouches in Japanese-type soup spoons: it was a garbanzo bean purée topped with tapenade (olive paste).’
    • ‘Some of the several hundred A-list invitees were employing huge soup spoons to slather the stuff onto blinis in one of the many living rooms of his mansion.’
    • ‘Then my mother took a soup spoon, loosened the mass of cream-colored seeds that clung to the cavity and scooped them into the garbage pail.’
    • ‘Wendy had bowls and soup spoons laid out, and gracing the center of the table was a large round of crusty bread, still warm from the oven.’
    • ‘We were expected to eat the ‘Chinese-spiced coconut creme brûlée’ with a Chinese soup spoon, despite the thick layer of uncaramelised sugar under its hot blackened crust.’