Definition of soundstage in US English:


(also sound stage)


  • An area of a movie studio with acoustic properties suitable for the recording of sound, typically used to record dialogue.

    • ‘I wanted the movie to feel realistic, especially as I don't do well in the office or on a sound stage.’
    • ‘With catering services, scenery builders, production companies and editors all under one roof, the studio has become more than just sound stages.’
    • ‘Filming involved some work on a Hollywood sound stage and the use of miniatures, but most of it took place in Lahaina on the Hawaiian island of Maui.’
    • ‘The music and ambient noise are mixed well across the sound stage, never taking too much attention from the discussion on screen.’
    • ‘The characters come and go so quickly that you would think there was a revolving door between the casting office and the sound stage!’
    • ‘I mean, this was shot on a sound stage in California.’
    • ‘The proposed media complex includes recording studios, a sound stage, production offices and learning centres and is expected to be open within three years.’
    • ‘Hitchcock stands on his sound stage, looking around for inspiration.’
    • ‘Speaking roles require skilled actors and directing; scenes that portray actual events require sound stages, expensive locations, props, and costumed extras.’
    • ‘Filming lasted about twelve days and was all done on a sound stage at our production studio.’
    • ‘If we have the players and the composers we most certainly do not have a sound stage properly equipped to produce screen music to the highest quality.’
    • ‘First there is a courthouse and across from it a theatre and then a bakery and a coffee shop; not to mention the imposing plain-coloured sound stages (eight of them, in total) that look like airplane hangars.’
    • ‘For instance, the view down Rue Saint-Honoré had to be 200 metres long, while the sound stage was only 40 metres wide.’
    • ‘Northern Ireland does not have all the facilities available in the republic - it does not have sound stages, like those at Ardmore, and there are no post-production facilities.’
    • ‘You could wander off to a sound stage and watch John Huston or Willy Wyler shooting a scene with Bogart or Hepburn or Peck.’
    • ‘The film was shot on sound stages in Burbank, and partly in the real locations of Los Angeles itself, but many of the city sequences were models made in workshops.’
    • ‘As well as 14 sound stages, there will be dressing rooms, workshops, a film museum, preview cinema, exhibition space and a restaurant.’
    • ‘In January 1990, sound stages at Elstree Studios were block booked for two weeks.’
    • ‘The development includes eight sound stages, production facilities, digital facilities and outdoor back lot areas.’
    • ‘These wacky, often surreal numbers were shot everyplace from the local zoo to minimalist sound stages to colorful cardboard sets standing in for Bombay, London, Hell, or less identifiable realms.’