Definition of soundscape in US English:



  • 1A piece of music considered in terms of its component sounds.

    ‘his lush keyboard soundscapes’
    • ‘Relying on their well-established formula of eerie melodies, pastoral soundscapes, babbling children and rhythmic clamour, their sophomore effort rings true.’
    • ‘Lush, ambient soundscapes were one of several elements that combined to make this a captivating film.’
    • ‘This stuff on here is not happy and cheery, there is clearly an element of menace mixed among the flowing melodies and lush soundscapes.’
    • ‘Tanzanian hip hop musicians mediate between English and Swahili, relying on both languages to construct a unique soundscape for their music.’
    • ‘Although it is all new, certainly a bit stiff and smells fresh, the gentle soundscapes and melodies feel instantly comfortable and safe.’
    • ‘You're likely to hear fragments of everything from classical masterpieces to thrash metal, from jazz licks to film music soundscapes.’
    • ‘He has added feedback, distorted organs and drones to his melodious soundscape, and his folk songs have become all the more beautiful yet disturbing in their increasingly gothic strangeness.’
    • ‘It's tempting to describe the group's soundscapes in terms of terrain: tundras, screes, forestation or weather patterns: fogbanks, rainsqualls, cloudshapes.’
    • ‘Through the lush soundscapes, at times interrupted by complex interference patterns, melodies are merely hinted at.’
    • ‘Improvised music rarely yields results as immediately inviting as the tropical soundscapes found on this album.’
    • ‘Each song is earthy, creating a soundscape with peaceful melodies, calming rhythms and animal noises.’
    • ‘Noted for her urgent and colorful soundscapes, Thomas's music in all forms continues to receive accolades from performers and audiences alike.’
    • ‘Instead, the band embraced the kinds of rich, varied soundscapes that, as a whole, have dominated their music since then.’
    • ‘Utilizing a soundscape, traditional music, vocalizations and projections, this two-part work explores the interdependency of community and individuality.’
    • ‘Comprised of eight minimal, ambient soundscapes, digitally processed and sourced from snapshots of classical music, the result is nothing short of breathtaking.’
    • ‘More abstract and atmospheric in comparison to the other three, this brooding soundscape eschews melody for elusively morphing textures and chromatic harmonies until it ends with spectral cymbal shimmers.’
    • ‘Sound effects and music sometimes overwhelm the dialogue, and the entire soundscape feels forced and artificial.’
    • ‘Part trip hop, jungle and ambient, they've added a middle eastern take to their voyage, filling out lush soundscapes with talking drums, violins and the occasional accordion to spice a generous mix of all things mellow.’
    • ‘I try to go as deep as I can, but my background is in songs, so I structure my tracks not as soundscapes but as songs.’
    • ‘Vocals often take a back seat to the instrumental backing of ringing guitar parts backed by non-showy chords, and the songs are rich sonic soundscapes that demand intense listening if you're to get the most from them.’
    1. 1.1 The sounds heard in a particular location, considered as a whole.
      ‘institutions concerned with the world soundscape as an ecologically balanced entity’