Definition of sounding board in US English:

sounding board


  • 1A board or screen placed over or behind a pulpit or stage to reflect a speaker's voice forward.

    • ‘The original garland was hung on the sounding board of the pulpit, but the present garland now hangs on the church wall in the north-west corner of the Nave.’
    • ‘It represents the most lavish use of rosewood veneer known on any Charleston surface with the exception of the sounding board of Saint Michael's pulpit, which dates from around 1760.’
    • ‘A sounding board on the ceiling at Notre Dame Basilica is at the root of a major local mystery.’
    1. 1.1
      another term for soundboard
  • 2A person or group whose reactions to suggested ideas are used as a test of their validity or likely success before they are made public.

    ‘I considered him mainly as a sounding board for my impressions’
    • ‘Although this task force may serve mainly as a sounding board for multicultural issues, it is still a helpful group.’
    • ‘The writer, by way of comparison, depends upon his or her editor in the early stages of his or her career as a moderating influence, as a sounding board, and as a critic.’
    • ‘He wrote many drafts of an impressive script and used me as a sounding board and reader.’
    • ‘He didn't say much but he was an excellent sounding board on which to try out the veracity of the latest bit of political gossip.’
    • ‘His job is to provide the Prime Minister with a shoulder to lean on, to be a sounding board to consult and to act out his orders across the government.’
    • ‘The mentorship matches a budding entrepreneur with a successful businesswoman who shares her experience of entrepreneurship, acts as a sounding board for ideas, suggests ways to solve problems, encourages and advises.’
    • ‘He explained that business mentoring was not the same as business advising and counselling, but more a hand-holding service for new and young businesses where an experienced business person became a regular contact and sounding board.’
    • ‘Students provide the best sounding board for the relevance of material.’
    • ‘We are looking for some volunteers to act as a sounding board when we want to test new ideas, products, or services, and to collect more feedback on existing products and services.’
    • ‘I'm here as an adviser, an ear, a sounding board.’
    • ‘Most coaches meet weekly with clients in person or by telephone, acting as a sounding board and providing structure, motivation and objective feedback.’
    • ‘Less formally, it was designed to be the President's private think tank, sounding board and discussion group.’
    • ‘This was used as a technique to gauge interest and students in the local vocational school were a valuable sounding board.’
    • ‘Moreover, thinking of Elisabeth as a kind of sounding board whose reflection helps Descartes to clarify his thoughts leaves her with little independent intellectual life.’
    • ‘Bench coaches exist primarily to help managers, reducing their workloads, acting as their sounding boards, suggesting in-game strategies.’
    • ‘We invite key customers to a lot of advisory board meetings, and some customers act as sounding boards and help us to develop our business strategies.’
    • ‘In conference calls during the day with an array of advisers or in one-on-one calls late at night, Kerry often uses his expanding team as sounding boards to provide feedback on his ideas.’
    • ‘By the same token his republican bloodline saw him involved in the background of the peace process as both a negotiator and sounding board for the Government.’
    • ‘Use them as a sounding board; their advice may provide a solution.’
    • ‘We have huge respect for each other's views; we each use the other as a sounding board, and we're great readers.’
    1. 2.1 A channel through which ideas are disseminated.
      • ‘To some it is the lowest form of radio, yet the phone-in show, that bizarre combo of confessional, soapbox and sounding board, is the one medium where the public ceases to be a statistic and actually finds its voice.’
      • ‘In addition, the caucus will serve as a clearinghouse for information and a sounding board for ideas brought forth by the nursing community.’
      • ‘It has served for more than thirty years as a unifying news portal, providing a communication medium and a sounding board for Canadian geoscientists.’
      • ‘The chance to publish freely to the online community provides another sounding board for disgruntled, negligent or even malicious members of staff.’
      • ‘We also hope to connect local communities by providing a space and sounding board for existing social relationships.’


sounding board

/ˈsaʊndɪŋ ˌbɔ(ə)rd//ˈsoundiNG ˌbô(ə)rd/