Definition of sound system in English:

sound system


  • A set of equipment for the reproduction and amplification of sound.

    • ‘The sound system, as well as the lighting equipment on stage was severely damaged.’
    • ‘The biggest selling items are major appliances such as television sets, VCRs, sound systems, personal computers, kitchen and household items.’
    • ‘Sometimes music on record store sound systems can grip me with an unexpected intensity.’
    • ‘Of course, the college will supply the computers, sound systems and liquid crystal display projectors.’
    • ‘The recording studio is wonderfully impressive, made to exacting standards and incorporating state-of-the-art digital sound systems.’
    • ‘The village society is appealing for more volunteers to help steward the event, particularly people with knowledge of sound systems and amplification.’
    • ‘Although some of the complaints surround industrial noise, the council's noise pollution team reveal that the bulk of complaints are caused by the sound systems of inconsiderate party-goers.’
    • ‘Only a small minority use the highly promoted ability of the computers to link to TV sets and sound systems for use in family rooms.’
    • ‘Even now after so many decades, the concept of theatres hasn't changed except for a few improvements like airconditioning and digital stereo sound systems.’
    • ‘They are concerned about the increased number of unofficial outdoor parties that regularly shatter the rural peace as enormous sound systems are set up and party-goers converge from all parts of the country.’
    • ‘Not only are many theater sound systems keep getting worse, but many films feature background noise and music that make it more difficult for these old ears to hear the dialogue.’
    • ‘There was no microphone, a rubbish sound system and it was my first wedding anniversary.’
    • ‘Though the recorded music was beautiful, the sound system caused occasional problems.’
    • ‘Other crews will bring their sound systems - turntables, microphones and speakers and voices.’
    • ‘The concerts are free from artificial electric sound systems, microphones and loudspeakers.’
    • ‘The sound systems were really top and the crowds were raging - people jumping up and down and going crazy.’
    • ‘His dream was to build a club with a sound system unlike any sound system in any club anywhere in the world.’
    • ‘From the late 1940s, the Jamaican music scene was based around sound systems, huge sets of portable equipment that played hot rhythm and blues for the masses at open-air dance events.’
    • ‘After numerous battles with his father, a Pentecostal deacon who couldn't understand why his son was developing an interest in sound systems rather than practising his violin, he started to write his own music.’
    • ‘The theatre has a state of the art sound system operated by an experienced team.’


sound system

/ˈsaʊnd ˌsɪstəm/