Definition of sound spectrograph in US English:

sound spectrograph


  • An instrument for analyzing sound into its frequency components.

    • ‘Analysis with the sound spectrograph showed that this tooting put the major emphasis on the third harmonic.’
    • ‘The analog sound spectrograph samples energy levels in a small frequency range from a magnetic tape recording and marks those energy levels on electrically sensitive paper.’
    • ‘The invention of the sound spectrograph made visual comparisons of similar sounds possible, and the perfection of magnetic tape and taperecording devices made archiving of sounds a reality.’
    • ‘The sound spectrograph (developed by Koenig in the 1940s) made it possible to study speech acoustic events in greater detail and revealed phoneme-specific information in the acoustic patterns.’
    • ‘After the Second World War, when sound spectrographs came into general use, the phonetic features posited by the Prague School linguists actually became visible.’