Definition of sound engineer in US English:

sound engineer


  • A technician dealing with acoustics for a broadcast or musical performance.

    • ‘Of course, that deliberate lack of televisual artistry is all about convincing us that this is ‘real’, that it has not been orchestrated in any way by the director, camera operators, sound engineers, editors and so on.’
    • ‘If not already instinctively ingrained, this information should be helpful to recording and live sound engineers alike.’
    • ‘We chatted with him in the smoke-filled recording room to a background of his sound engineer playing the same line again and again, perfecting the balance.’
    • ‘Through him, I got an internship mixing audio for videos and television shows and became a full-time sound engineer.’
    • ‘The musicians, sound engineers, lighting designers, choreographers, animators, computers programmers, banks of computers and control equipment were probably the uncredited stars of the show.’
    • ‘He was five years in Manchester being a sound engineer.’
    • ‘Adele is silent except to instruct the sound engineer.’
    • ‘Radio hams, would-be-DJs, wannabe broadcasters and sound engineers, your hospital radio needs you!’
    • ‘Get your sound engineer to play the record though the P.A at your gigs before you take to the stage to play your own set.’
    • ‘Local bands started asking Tony to be the sound engineer for their gigs.’
    • ‘Away from the studio a sound engineer, listening to a playback to the show, picked up on the coughing.’
    • ‘If they were in a recording studio, a sound engineer would solve half their problems at the flick of a switch.’
    • ‘This article contains some helpful hints and procedures that should help the club sound engineer prepare for the unfamiliar and avoid audio pitfalls.’
    • ‘It was not until it was divulged that his sound engineer was having to double up as keyboardist and drummer for the night that everything became clear.’
    • ‘I'd bring in the songs and he'd produce them, he's a great sound engineer.’
    • ‘Radio microphones can overcome this but the sound engineer must make adjustments for each performance as acoustics are affected by the shape of the theatre and the number of people in it.’
    • ‘Buck is a freelance sound engineer in constant pursuit of the ultimate live mix.’
    • ‘Whilst doing that I got a job as a sound engineer at The Boardwalk Club, which was one of the main live venues in Manchester at that time.’
    • ‘He works in a record shop and does freelance stuff as a sound engineer, so he makes a heck of a lot less than I do.’
    • ‘Actually controlling the quality of the audio and getting it cued up is the responsibility of the studio manager, effectively a sound engineer, who prepares audio clips for broadcast.’


sound engineer

/saʊnd ˌɛndʒəˈnɪ(ə)r/