Definition of sound effect in US English:

sound effect


  • A sound other than speech or music made artificially for use in a play, movie, or other broadcast production.

    ‘the play used sound effects of galley oars and blood-curdling yells’
    • ‘This was a very poignant play, well acted and well produced with excellent set, lighting and sound effects.’
    • ‘At last film-makers could dictate precisely the music and sound effects they wished.’
    • ‘Like spoken words or sound effects, music is restricted to broadcast advertising.’
    • ‘Twelfth Night is our next production, and sound effects are being tested.’
    • ‘Graphically rich, with great sound effects and music, the game also has some very tough levels.’
    • ‘Not even the sound effect of thunder that accompanied every strike was enough to raise the excitement level.’
    • ‘Using sound effects, music and special effects the 15 children put together five short films.’
    • ‘You can also decide whether you want music or sound effects to accompany your journey.’
    • ‘The music and eerie sound effects add to the sinister atmosphere.’
    • ‘This time though there are no lyrics, it's all music and sound effects.’
    • ‘The bass, in particular, went awry, so that each time the ball bounced it sounded like a cartoon sound effect.’
    • ‘From the sound effects and music to the graphics and replayability this is just one great game.’
    • ‘If you turned off the sound entirely, you would only miss the music and the sound effects.’
    • ‘The production benefited from a clever use of sound effects and lighting to enhance its eerie atmosphere.’
    • ‘The sound and sound effects are good, too, although when the action hotted up, the music broke up a little.’
    • ‘I was able to hear dialogue and music clearly, and sound effects were clean and clear.’
    • ‘The pictures will speak, play music or produce sound effects when a potential customer passes.’
    • ‘The music is quite good, though the weapons sound effects can become annoying.’
    • ‘Both Millie and Arthur go crazy at any music that has non-musical sound effects in it.’
    • ‘Characterised by sound effects and animal cries, the record was not a success.’


sound effect

/ˈsound əˌfekt//ˈsaʊnd əˌfɛkt/