Definition of soullessly in US English:



  • See soulless

    • ‘Kids who have been beaten or deprived tend to grow up to be either soullessly obedient to their ‘superiors’, or else violently rebellious.’
    • ‘It was typical of what one hears when the Philharmonic plays these days: astonishing feats of orchestral legerdemain that seem to serve no expressive purpose whatsoever as one soullessly turned phrase follows another.’
    • ‘I'll never understand how people can take such pleasure in struggling a wonky trolley around endless impersonal aisles of soullessly stacked goods week after week after week.’
    • ‘Sadly, the movie shifts gear into thriller denouement mode where everything soullessly clicks into place.’
    • ‘Many subsequent adaptations of literature typified the film industry's appetite for soullessly copying previous hits.’