Definition of soul food in English:

soul food


  • Traditional southern African-American food.

    • ‘If you're interested in ham hocks, cornbread, southern funeral repasts, and the history of soul food, she's the expert.’
    • ‘But no one's there for the décor - instead, they're lined up for soul food straight from the old country.’
    • ‘I've never normally considered myself to be much of a fan of soul food - too much work for the hand for too little reward.’
    • ‘If you aren't really familiar with churches, or more specifically black churches, then you probably don't realize the best soul food comes not from any restaurant, but from church kitchens.’
    • ‘Those familiar with soul food may wonder about the use of pork, which is central to the cuisine, but not to worry - pork bacon and pork sausages are available upon request.’
    • ‘From four-star restaurants to any international cuisine you can name to soul food, you find it here.’
    • ‘I like soul food and stuff like that and I want to set an example but I can't really do it.’
    • ‘These risk factors can be controlled through regular exercise and healthy diet, but for African Americans, our love of soul food and convenience foods has been difficult to balance.’
    • ‘We need to make people recognise that they have skills, whether its the math and accounting that they learnt dealing drugs or the good soul food that they cook, or the vegetables that they grow in their garden and can for the winter.’
    • ‘He buys one and thinks as he eats it how he used to pretend that he didn't like yams, chitterlings, and other soul food because he thought liking that food made him seem ignorant and common.’
    • ‘I grew up with my grandmother's Southern traditions like soul food and the Baptist Church, but we also eat Latino food.’
    • ‘There's not much good Mexican or soul food available nearby, which might not be a surprise - but they're easy to find elsewhere in the city.’
    • ‘OK, well, possibly, I'm not aware of what you're talking about, but clearly I do eat soul food.’
    • ‘In spite of Savannah's European character, the city can still get down, starting with its great soul food.’
    • ‘Sundays after church, they'll gather at Meta's Restaurant in downtown Winston-Salem for some Southern soul food.’
    • ‘Why would a national debate on food tolerance focus on burgers to the exclusion of, say, Mexican fast food, soul food, or sushi?’
    • ‘An estimated 60,000 adults and children thronged the Book Fair which had more than 350 stalls, including nine of them in the Food Court selling soul food.’
    • ‘Outside of the city lie the Cajan wetlands, home of soul food and the blues.’
    • ‘Southern living, southern hospitality, soul food and segregation are just a few reminders of a different time in African-American history.’
    • ‘My mind danced with images of who in the family would be there, what we would talk about, how much fun we would have dancing to great music and eating soul food.’


soul food

/ˈsōl ˌfo͞od//ˈsoʊl ˌfud/