Definition of sou'wester in US English:



  • A waterproof hat with a broad flap covering the neck.

    • ‘Clad in sou'wester and thigh boots, his rugged, bearded features are every inch the Victorian lifeboatman.’
    • ‘One of the things I most liked having was a mackintosh, sou'wester and gum boots.’
    • ‘I thought that when I was farming and going out in the rain I wore a sou'wester with a brim so that the rain would not run down my neck.’
    • ‘I don't mind donning my sou'wester for my daily medicine walk but cycling in the rain doesn't appeal at all.’
    • ‘He took his entire kit with him - his standard-issue uniform, an extra jumper, a waterproof cape and a sou'wester hat.’
    • ‘I hung on to the back of his kilt as he set off in his stout brogues and little protection against the weather other than a sou'wester and a mackintosh.’
    • ‘Even if what you see is an unwelcome glimpse of grey, if you're a professional gardener, you simply have no choice but to get out of bed and get your sou'wester on.’
    • ‘Leave your yellow wellies, sou'wester and oilies at home.’
    • ‘Like her he was dressed in galoshes, rainclothes and sou'wester.’
    • ‘So it's sou'westers and wellies for the morning, and, hopefully, pretty summer dresses and wide-brimmed hats later on in the afternoon.’
    • ‘There, the dress code was more sou'wester than morning suit and we kept out the cold with fiery local plum brandy and thick greasy sausages.’
    • ‘Thinking it would offer better protection from fallout than Sam's sou'wester hat, Ian tried it on.’
    • ‘I'd like to take shorts and t-shirts but have a feeling we may need galoshes and sou'wester.’
    raincoat, anorak, mackintosh, oilskin, cagoule, cape
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