Definition of SOTU in US English:



  • ‘Clinton's final SOTU address’
    • ‘She's referring to a specific line in a specific SOTU speech, which referred explicitly to other nations.’
    • ‘I've never cared for the SOTU speech; listening to those things was like eating a big damp pillow.’
    • ‘I missed the SOTU address.’
    • ‘Regarding the SOTU, it seems I read too much into what he said.’
    • ‘This stark picture was part of what I thought was a pretty effective answer to the President's SOTU address.’
    • ‘What I feel like posting about is the Democratic response to the SOTU.’
    • ‘Hare-brained, off the shelf ideas are a staple of SOTU addresses.’
    • ‘Note that there were 21 uses of the word "freedom" in the SOTU, and the last word was also "freedom."’
    • ‘He points out there may have been something to the SOTU bluster.’
    • ‘In his SOTU assessment, he also the focus to be odd.’