Definition of sortation in US English:



  • (especially in data processing) the process of sorting or its result.

    • ‘It is limited to 100 alphanumeric characters and is used for high-speed sortation.’
    • ‘Nowadays TNT Express delivers 3.3 million parcels, documents and pieces of freight a week to over 200 countries using its network of nearly 900 depots, hubs and sortation centres.’
    • ‘It also plans to enlarge its collection, disassembly and sortation site in Gloucestershire.’
    • ‘Deliveries are heavier and take longer and there have been big changes to sortation.’
    • ‘The product type is first identified by a vision sortation system, then automatically put away in one of 26 lanes.’


Mid 19th century: from sort (verb) + -ation.