Definition of sort of in US English:

sort of


  • To some extent; in some way or other (used to convey inexactness or vagueness)

    ‘“Do you see what I mean?” “Sort of,” answered Jean cautiously’
    • ‘I'm going on my own with no clue about who is going to be there, which is sort of scary.’
    • ‘What I want to ask is, was all of this in your mind or did it sort of happen as you went along?’
    • ‘You spray it in a big gap, and it sort of foams up dramatically in order to fill said aperture.’
    • ‘He was always in a sort of bad temper about not being able to get jobs he thought he was equipped for.’
    • ‘I sort of agreed with the proviso that she might like to come if the weather was not too hot.’
    • ‘I sort of assume you do so much writing that you don't need to do anything to keep sharp.’
    • ‘Johnny was so able to be a child on the set that it was sort of like working with five children for me!’
    • ‘You go to a bookshop, and you look at the kinds of books that are sort of like yours.’
    • ‘There were a lot of scenes that were so awkward that it sort of made me squirm and look away.’
    • ‘I had taken the place of this girl singer and had sort of muscled my way into the band.’
    slightly, faintly, remotely, vaguely
    as it were, in a kind of way, in a strange kind of way, somehow
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