Definition of sorry (I'm) not sorry in US English:

sorry (I'm) not sorry


  • Used to express a lack of regret or repentance.

    ‘I'm not a fan of the song, sorry not sorry’
    • ‘If my work is misinterpreted because it's not a sappy tearjerker, sorry I'm not sorry.’
    • ‘I'm not too sure about the variety of sodas, and I don't care to know either—sorry not sorry!’
    • ‘When he earnestly expresses his gratitude at an awards show, and basically says "Sorry not sorry for being part of the problem" it just looks tone deaf.’
    • ‘Sorry not sorry for the spoiler.’
    • ‘I have an entire album devoted to my cat (sorry I'm not sorry).’
    • ‘While many of the tracks end up sounding the same (sorry not sorry) it's the stories that blow me away.’
    • ‘We've compared her to Mariah Carey before and sorry I'm not sorry if you disagree, because we're sticking to that diagnosis.’
    • ‘Sorry not sorry to keep harping on it, but aside from the wrestling, it's the only memorable part of his performance.’
    • ‘Sorry not sorry but your customer service sucks.’
    • ‘When the timer goes off, it's over, dude (sorry not sorry).’
    • ‘If she won't be on the show anymore, I'm so gonna quit watching the show. Sorry not sorry.’