Definition of sorption in US English:



  • Absorption and adsorption considered as a single process.

    • ‘Since both are nonlinear interrelated buffering systems, soil stability with regard to sorption and mobilization processes is liable to unpredictable, chaotic changes.’
    • ‘Other solutes interact with aquifer solids through physicochemical processes known as sorption.’
    • ‘Amino acid compositional patterns also indicated preferential sorption of basic amino acids, with positively charged nitrogen side chains, to the negatively charged aluminosilicate clay minerals.’
    • ‘Sorption of lipophilic compounds to cuticular waxes was up to one order of magnitude lower than sorption to cuticular membranes while sorption of the hydrophilic compounds was not measurable.’
    • ‘These processes are known as sorption and desorption, and their effect on the concentration distribution in gas phase is the second term in Equation 1.’


Early 20th century: back-formation from absorption and adsorbable.