Definition of sorely in US English:



  • To a very high degree or level of intensity (especially of an unwelcome or unpleasant state or emotion)

    ‘she would sorely miss his company’
    ‘help was sorely needed’
    • ‘He will be very sorely missed as a person and for his efforts and work.’
    • ‘Needless to say, this approach is sorely needed in an increasingly polarised world.’
    • ‘David was a very loving husband and father and he will be sorely missed.’
    • ‘It gave him perseverance, a quality sorely needed when he chose the uncertain life of an artist.’
    • ‘By the time I reached the end of the bulletin I was sorely tempted to ring my brother and chortle down the telephone.’
    • ‘He enjoyed the conversation and banter around the table and his absence now is sorely felt.’
    • ‘It was the recipe for one of the most original television programmes of the 90s, and sorely missed.’
    • ‘As we returned to the hotel for another swim before our return home, we were sorely tempted to ask for another night.’
    • ‘Chris was everything you could ask of a captain and he will be sorely missed.’
    • ‘The club's guestbook has many tributes to this delightful gentleman, who will be sorely missed.’
    • ‘You're sorely tempted, and you are annoyed with yourself for being so easily led.’
    • ‘He will be sorely missed by everyone who knew him and the world is truly a lesser place without him.’
    • ‘Local residents will sorely miss the racket created by the winged brigade at dusk.’
    • ‘Hundreds of letters later it is evident he will be sorely missed by you, our readers, too.’
    • ‘Heaven knows we need them - and they were often sorely neglected in the past.’
    • ‘I'd be sorely disappointed in the Guardian if it advocated capital punishment.’
    • ‘We were sorely missed no doubt, though no rescue attempts have been made.’
    • ‘To judge by the reaction Galloway gets walking the streets of his new constituency, King is not sorely missed.’
    • ‘After all, my collection of portable fighting games is sorely lacking at the moment.’
    • ‘I for one will sorely miss his banter as he cruised past the trip boat.’
    severely, gravely, badly, critically, acutely, sorely, grievously, desperately, alarmingly, dangerously, perilously
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Old English sārlīce (see sore, -ly).