Definition of sore point in US English:

sore point


  • A subject or issue about which someone feels distressed or annoyed.

    ‘money was a sore point between us’
    • ‘The question of the Western Sahara remains one of the most intractable Arab-African problems, as well as a long-lasting sore point between Algeria and Morocco.’
    • ‘American carriers, always a sore point for the enemy since the ships had escaped the devastating attack on Pearl Harbor, were the prime targets in the Philippine invasion.’
    • ‘At a recent post-dinner drink I had with the man in Berlin, the sting of the crowd (some of whom booed him off the stage before a proposed encore) was still a sore point.’
    • ‘Not long ago the issue of my height had been something of a sore point with me.’
    • ‘What is perhaps even more disturbing is that the PM made absolutely no mention of security measures at the nation's schools - what has been a sore point for certain principals as well.’
    • ‘‘That's a major sore point for a lot of people,’ he said.’
    • ‘A man's roots are always a sore point to him, especially when he doesn't believe they run deep enough to support the tree he's currently hanging from.’
    • ‘Another issue that constitutes a sore point in international criminal proceedings is the media coverage of the detention and trial of the accused.’
    • ‘This development came after the company found that after-sales service has become a sore point with consumers purchasing consumer electronics and durables in the market.’
    • ‘She knew that had always been a sore point between them.’