Definition of sordino in US English:



  • 1A mute.

    • ‘The other instruments have so much more content (more instruments, a large number of sordinos) in the Professional Edition, but the tuba is almost always used as a solo instrument and the mute is very uncommon.’
    • ‘A friend and I decided to make a ‘sword fight’ using trumpet mutes, which are also known as sordinos or sords for short.’
    • ‘An adagio for the symphony - earth, worms and misery, fortissimo and sordinos [mutes], lots of sordinos.’
    • ‘It's unbelievable how many different ‘sordinos’ they have in their equipment to play the con-sordino-beginning of the Francaix Trio.’
    • ‘Musicians played in a park, using cardboard boxes as sordinos and adapting their music to sounds in the surroundings.’
    1. 1.1sordini (on a piano) the dampers.
      • ‘Take a very famous example: before the first movement of the ‘Moonlight Sonata’, Beethoven very distinctly writes ‘senza sordino’, a clear indication that on today's piano very little pedal should be used.’


Late 16th century: from Italian, from sordo ‘mute’, from Latin surdus.