Definition of sorcerous in US English:



  • See sorcery

    • ‘She explains that she actually did conjure imps and demons, but was only responsible for a few of the sorcerous murders she was accused of.’
    • ‘I wonder how they're going to handle Raven, the sorcerous daughter of a witch and the devil (more or less).’
    • ‘And by so doing, the former 64th Earl of Cornwallis, banished centuries earlier from Torrencia for his sorcerous studies, would have someday returned in the form of his servants to take the throne for himself.’
    • ‘The siblings find themselves the inheritors of an extraordinary legacy, and must bear the burden and the sorcerous power that makes them the mystical guardians of early 19th century England.’
    • ‘Same criteria can apply to the full range of sorcerous activity from cursing to divination.’