Definition of soppily in US English:



  • See soppy

    • ‘Abdul, whom I also mentioned in my last post, has daughters of around three and five, and is soppily in love with both of them; I can't believe he wants them to be killed in any way.’
    • ‘Still, while somewhat soppily sentimental, the love story worked and showed real people rather than two stars acting.’
    • ‘It has a more accomplished all-round harder sound about it and is less soppily sentimental than most of the others.’
    • ‘Wilde's biting dialogue is the perfect antidote to the sentimentality that a film about love, secrets and betrayal can so rarely avoid, but you'll still find yourself smiling soppily in the darkness.’
    • ‘The lovestruck animals immediately gave up their nest-hopping and turned soppily monogamous, becoming doting and inseparable partners.’