Definition of sophomoric in US English:



  • 1Relating to or characteristic of a sophomore.

    ‘my sophomoric years’
    • ‘This is more like what I would expect in high school by a sophomoric student.-’
    1. 1.1 Pretentious or juvenile.
      ‘sophomoric double entendres’
      • ‘On the sophomoric Fear Factor, players push their limits by eating worms and beetles, letting rats crawl over them, or rappelling off 12-story buildings.’
      • ‘I understand some may find this kind of stance offensive, or sophomoric.’
      • ‘However, I forgive him this sophomoric passage because its empty hatred was so obviously feigned after the event, and because it describes me as five years younger than I am.’
      • ‘It was deep without being pretentious, silly without being sophomoric and improvisatory without being abstruse: in other words, perfect Fringe fare.’
      • ‘Other times the product is sophomoric and snarky, lacking in any serious analysis.’
      • ‘So she hyperventilated last May, fanning the embers of a sophomoric blog into a scoop and trumpeting her own role as star-finder in the process.’
      • ‘Could it be that behind the sophomoric, mischievous, dismissive, even nihilistic style, Vice is the voice of a twenty-something generation clearing the decks for a new aesthetic?’
      • ‘Some skeptic whose sophomoric speculations rise to the level of scholarship by virtue of his Harvard Divinity School degree makes the startling suggestion that the apostles might have been lying.’
      • ‘Such insipid, sophomoric rhetoric is best left in the empty heads that created it.’
      • ‘It happens to be yoked with some sophomoric images of violence that a lot of us wish weren't there.’
      • ‘So don't let the sophomoric philosophical debating points of Leftists embarrass you into abandoning talk of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’.’
      • ‘He sometimes strains for literary effect - and his habit of recounting his numerous affairs and near-affairs is sophomoric.’
      • ‘They're too tongue-in-cheek, too savvy and intelligent to be discounted as amateurs, yet sophomoric enough to not buckle to pretentiousness and delusions of grandeur.’
      • ‘It’ s all so revealing, inviting, seductive, sophomoric, pretentious - so desirable.’
      • ‘Sure, Lov and O'Halloran's lyrics veer dangerously close to sophomoric, overblown, teen poetry, but really, what lyrics don't?’
      • ‘But he's a sophomore and, what's more, sophomoric in thinking that this qualifies as a grand revolution instead of a thinly veiled stab at novelty.’
      • ‘Roger Ebert dissented, arguing that the problem with the movie was ‘a story that's marred by sophomoric satire and cheap shots.’’
      • ‘With little to occupy their inner lives, they settle on sophomoric backbiting and relentless self-aggrandisement as the closest achievable thing to an actually mature expression of emotion or contact between two human beings.’
      • ‘If other juvenile comedies are sophomoric, Deuce is junior high at best.’
      • ‘I'm not going to be sophomoric enough to stand here and try to say something about what I think happiness is, but there is one aspect of happiness that's been well studied, and it's the notion of flow.’
      affected, ostentatious, chichi, showy, flashy, tinselly, conspicuous, flaunty, tasteless, kitschy
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