Definition of sopaipilla in US English:


(also sopapilla)


  • (especially in New Mexico) a deep-fried pastry, typically square, eaten with honey or sugar or as a bread.

    • ‘For those in search of authentic local cuisine, the red chile is hot and the sopaipillas light and fluffy at Abuelita's New Mexican Kitchen.’
    • ‘If only the same could be said for the so-called sopaipillas, which turn out to be triangular, cinnamon-sugared cake doughnuts - very average ones - instead of flaky balloons of fried dough.’
    • ‘So I talked to the other committee members and convinced them to hire you, and whoever you wish to have work with you, to make and sell your marvelous chili, enchiladas, tortillas and sopaipillas or whatever you want.’
    • ‘But then comes a dish like the shredded-pork tamales in their red-chile cloak - or air-puffed sopaipillas that would only need slightly hotter frying oil to achieve greatness - and you know you're someplace real.’
    • ‘It's customarily served with a tortilla or sopaipilla.’


American Spanish.