Definition of sonoluminescence in US English:



  • Luminescence excited in a substance by the passage of sound waves through it.

    • ‘But the work of this small start-up is still limited to computer modeling and trying to detect fusion neutrons from sonoluminescence.’
    • ‘I guess the other reason is that science finds the unexplained to be a challenge - and there's still plenty of mystery surrounding the exact chemistry or physics that cause that bright pin-point of light that sonoluminescence produces.’
    • ‘For 70 years, physicists have puzzled over sonoluminescence, a process where sound waves create thousands of hot, luminous bubbles in water.’
    • ‘During typical sonoluminescence experiments, spectral emission temperatures range up to tens of thousands of kelvins, and the rapidly imploding bubble walls can generate internal shock waves under certain conditions.’
    • ‘A bubble's collapse can be extremely violent, as revealed in light emission, called sonoluminescence.’