Definition of sonic boom in US English:

sonic boom


  • A loud explosive noise caused by the shock wave from an aircraft traveling faster than the speed of sound.

    • ‘Four thunderous sonic booms shook the island about three minutes later.’
    • ‘Israeli warplanes broke the sound barrier over Beirut, causing a sonic boom, while on the diplomatic front a succession of intermediaries urged Lebanese leaders to help restore calm.’
    • ‘These shock waves are translated inside our ears into sound and are what are commonly know as sonic booms.’
    • ‘There's also a supersonic jet with a hushed sonic boom for flying over populated areas.’
    • ‘Those gray bushytails would hunker down at the sound of the sonic boom and not be seen for interminable periods of time.’


sonic boom

/ˈsänik bo͞om//ˈsɑnɪk bum/