Definition of songwriter in US English:



  • A person who writes popular songs or the music for them.

    • ‘You got a lot of people out there that are making great music who are songwriters and who are great talents.’
    • ‘The two seasoned showbiz songwriters have written all the songs on MiMi's first album, which is due for release in the autumn.’
    • ‘So there will invariably be opportunities for writers, songwriters, performers, musicians.’
    • ‘When I joined it was three songwriters writing music for a laugh.’
    • ‘The other was that the focus not be on just Stan and his music, but on a wide variety of songwriters and their music.’
    • ‘The programme also considers the stage in his development as a musician and songwriter in which each song was written.’
    • ‘This talented group of local musicians and songwriters will perform covers as well as their own compositions.’
    • ‘Cash has never been afraid to play songs by other songwriters, even famous ones.’
    • ‘There are two main concerns expressed by songwriters who have written with artists.’
    • ‘One of the greatest mysteries in the music business is how songwriters get their songs recorded.’
    • ‘Three quarters of that was spent sifting choices down to twelve of my favourite songs and favourite songwriters.’
    • ‘Now he has gone public with his own list in Storybook - a collection of essays on 31 of his favourite songs and songwriters.’
    • ‘At first we thought it was kinda risky to put it out, because we had our own songs and were songwriters.’
    • ‘It's a bit like songwriters never writing good songs when they're happy.’
    • ‘Celebrated songwriter Irving Berlin initially wrote the song without thinking too deeply about it.’
    • ‘Gallup is an imaginative songwriter who presents songs that sound more like poetry set to music.’
    • ‘One of his friends once showed some music he had written to a big-time songwriter in Beijing.’
    • ‘It was never about staying to one style for me; I always wanted to be a songwriter and sing songs.’
    • ‘Telling a songwriter that his song is about the wrong subject is not how you critique a song.’
    • ‘In the Fifties, at least one movie a week was a musical about a turn-of-the-century songwriter or singer.’
    writer, man of letters, woman of letters, wordsmith
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