Definition of songstress in English:



  • A female songster.

    • ‘Positioned by her ‘critics’ as a sweet songstress of domesticity, she came down to later generations in increasingly misrepresented fashion.’
    • ‘The Canadian songstress was in Jakarta when a fan proposed that she exchange her pet pygmy loris for a concert ticket.’
    • ‘Expect to be dragged onto the dance floor by some scantily-clad Turkish maiden by midnight, probably an actress or a songstress, given this is a popular hangout for the performing arts crowds.’
    • ‘The death of Rosemary Clooney reminded me that I had seen the famous songstress in person at Leopardstown Races many years ago.’
    • ‘Delta is a beautiful songstress with the voice of an angel.’
    • ‘The similarity between the two smoky-voiced piano songstresses is uncanny.’
    • ‘Still, it's getting easier all the time to reconcile the waitress with the songstress.’
    • ‘Mariah Carey, the songstress who has had by far the most number one singles ever, is back with her latest installment, Glitter.’
    • ‘She was an instant fan, and thrilled to join in as the mic-rocking songstress.’
    • ‘When her career as a songstress began, Kylie was best known as a TV Personality.’
    • ‘The French songstress later exploded the applause barometer as she accepted the award for Best French Female Artist.’
    • ‘Veteran songstress Lulu is expected to make a special appearance to perform a duet with former Boyzone star Ronan Keating.’
    • ‘She said she chose those locations because of their beautiful scenery and the seamless cooperation that has been extended to the lovely songstress and her team.’
    • ‘Was it because they are two beautiful full-figured songstresses and not size-two divas?’
    • ‘Well, the sultry-voiced songstress is back on the music scene as Frou Frou.’
    • ‘Her voice is a forceful instrument that sounds modeled on an array of songstresses from Patsy Cline to Aretha Franklin to Linda Lyndell to Kate Pierson.’
    • ‘They demonstrate incredible range for such young songstresses.’
    • ‘Complementing these CDs is a booklet containing a selection of lyrics, focusing on the songstress's fourth aspect of her work: Words.’
    • ‘The songstress does not, however, dismiss her man's behavior as immaterial and, in fact, underlines both its personal and social impact.’
    • ‘This isn't that radical a concept but, as with any Björk creation, the Icelandic songstress manages to take an uncomplicated idea and project it through her distinct worldview.’
    singer, vocalist, soloist, songstress, crooner, warbler, melodist, artiste
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