Definition of Songkran in US English:



  • A festival celebrating the traditional Thai New Year, held in April and marked by the throwing and sprinkling of water.

    • ‘After spending four days in Chiang Mai enjoying Songkran, I left for Pattaya to enjoy the sun and beach.’
    • ‘Songkran will be celebrated along with Lampang's unique Sa Loong Luang (silver bowl) festival.’
    • ‘With Songkran descending upon us, the regular scribe and a few others decided to head bush.’
    • ‘This year Songkran falls on Saturday, the year of the Snake.’
    • ‘Currently, Songkran lasts generally around one week, depending upon which part of the country you are in.’
    • ‘However, I would agree with anything that can be done to reduce the number of days involved in Songkran.’
    • ‘The government intends to reduce road accident fatality rates by 15 % during this year's festival of Songkran.’
    • ‘The Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya, well known for its fun parties, celebrated yet another Songkran in high style.’
    • ‘The 600 or so souls that rush off to line up for reincarnation during and after Songkran should be enough to convince anyone of this fact.’
    • ‘This year's Songkran was a great success and brought in hundreds of millions baht in much needed revenue to Pattaya businesses.’
    • ‘It is disappointing to read just how Songkran has degenerated over the years.’
    • ‘With the arrival of Songkran many regular Bunker Boys deserted the water sodden streets and antics of Pattaya for more peaceful climes.’
    • ‘Water is the symbol of Songkran, the symbol of life, the symbol of innovation.’
    • ‘A grand rice-harvest procession took place along the main roads in Sriracha last Wednesday to celebrate Songkran.’
    • ‘Yet during Songkran, large numbers of accidents occurred, many with incurring severe injuries due to people not wearing helmets.’
    • ‘Nearly 10,000 foreign workers took part in a traditional Thai Songkran festival in Taoyuan yesterday.’
    • ‘Last Songkran 575 people were arrested on charges of causing physical or emotional injury through the inappropriate use of water guns.’
    • ‘On the eve of Songkran, the Bunker Boys sought relief at the always testing course at Treasure Hill.’
    • ‘Coming into town, we could see on the bus that people were enjoying an extended Songkran.’
    • ‘Norman spent Songkran in the wilds of Phnom Penh getting his batteries re-charged and he came out smoking.’